Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Years Day Fashion Show

It's time to show off all those projects you've been working on all year. If you got the materials at Ewe To You Yarns then lets see those projects. Lets hear your thoughts on them. Lets see you strut your stuff in them. Bring them in on January 1st (as many of them that qualify) and join the fashion 'show and tell' from 2pm to 4pm. Then leave your projects with us and let us display them for 2 weeks. Send your friends, neighbors and family in to vote on them to be eligible for a Grand Prize and a years worth of bragging rights. They will be able to vote by purchasing items from the shop or donating to the Humane Society through us here at Ewe To You Yarns in Grand Blanc. For every $5.00 purchased or donated they will receive 5 stars to be placed next to the project/projects of their choice. They will be allowed to vote as many times as they have stars. Yehaaa. Be sure to send friends in to vote that would like to see you win.....Don't have the project because it has already been gifted? Just bring in a picture to be displayed. Your project s must have been made with materials from Ewe To You Yarns.

Here are a few projects that may be in in the running.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Some Updates

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to drop in and let you guys know whats going on. First we have the Fur Trunk Show for another week, so we dont have to ship out all the goodies until Oct. 27. So there is still time to come and see and pet! But remember, if you plan on signing up for the fur demo, our order for that MUST be placed by Oct. 15th (you may still come to the demo to place a regular order for the fur if you want also).

Since fall is upon us, we have a new list of chilly classes starting. Mittens,hats and the Sweater Fish workshop are going on. We are also starting Back to Basics I which is a great class for relearning or learning for the first time, the fundamentals of knitting. We are also going to be having a pattern reading fundamentals class starting soom, so dont forget to ask about it when you come in. And dont forget the shawl classes.

And now some pictures. The first is some beautiful socks knitted by Karen Olsen. The pattern is Bosnian Toes & Turkish Heels done with On Your Toes Yarn. The second is mittens knitted by our shops own Jessica. The pattern is Yellow Harvest from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008 done in Ella Rae Amity Yarn. And the last is another done by our own Jessica. The pattern is Clapotis from Knitty in Hand Maiden. All of these are possible classes is anyone is intrested.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas Stockings are IN!!!

The Christmas Stockings have arrived!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fur Turnk Show is Here!

Its true, the fur trunk show is here at the store. We got in fur sweaters and mittens and scarfs and hats, its all so amazing! You guys must stop in to have a feel, and we even have some fur yarn and kits for sale as well. We'll have have the trunk show till Ocotber 14th and we will be taking orders during that time.

**The Fur Demo Class has been moved to November 1st, and supply orders MUST be in by October 16th**

We have a new line of fall classes coming up. Felted pumkins is being taught by Cathy, and Which Witch hat by Jessica. You can also do some halloween themed clogs could you not?

Christmas stockings have been ordered and are on there way, yeah! The Intarsia class for the Christmas stocking is free for those of you whose bought the stocking kits and will be Thrusday October 2 from 6-8p OR Saturday October 4 from 1-3p (its a one day class only).

And now for some new yarns that we got in/ ordered....Malabrigo!! Its not here yet, but it is on order. I ordered some chunky weight and some worsted weight. We also now have Dream in Color yarns as well. I have Fatty (chunky weight), and Baby (lace weight) in at the store, and I ordered Smooshy, their ever popular sock yarn, but Smooshy will not be here for another 6 weeks becauase its so popular. All three, Fatty, Baby, and Smooshy are Superwash too. Machine washable, does it get any better?

Also, Jessica has added on two more sock classes for October. She will be doing 2 Soxs on 2 Circs Thrusdays October 2, 9, 16th from 12-2p and 4-6p.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fur Yarn

Yes yes, it has arrived. The new fur yarn demos are at the shop now. Check out the chinchilla colored Rex Rabbit hat that looks very cool as a neck cowl too. Or see the Sapphire blue Bell Scarf featured in Knit and Style Magazine and knitted with sheared beaver. Both are very simple patterns. I knitted the cowl in a night and did the finishing the next morning.

I am getting ready... to start thinking about.. fall and seasons beyond. I hate to see summer go but cabled sweaters and warm slippers do have their allure. I am actually looking forward to the holiday season. Halloween with felted pumpkins and witches hats is not far ahead. Then it will be winter. Happy knitting.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Long time no see

My my it has been a while since I visited the site. Shame on me, I know. I have updated the current class schedule and I will be adding more classes for the month September.

This September a trunk show of Christmas socks will be displayed at the shop in Grand Blanc. There will be reindeer, angels, Santa's and more. It is time to start thinking about Christmas especially if you are going to be making your decorations or presents this year. I know it sounds early but time has a way of slip, slip slipping away. It all comes around so quickly and it is such fun. In October Fur Yarn will be king. There will be a demonstration night to sample this great fur yarn..beaver and fox. Sign up to save your place and knit with this great fur yarn. Make a scarf or hat or just embellish with this natural fiber from Alaska. You can see the advertizements for this yarn in some of the fall knitting magazines and there is a pattern for a great scarf in Knit and Style.

I finished the Cropped Sweater on the cover of Vogue last week. It turned out great, finally something that will fit me. I am now working on the modular vest on one of the new fall magazines. I'm using a worsted weight hand painted cotton. wooo hooo. Looking forward to wearing this too.

It won't be long before the kids are back in school and new schedules will be worked out. I hope you make time for knitting.

Later, cathy

Friday, July 11, 2008

Aha, I have worked out the mail problem. Everything is cool. Now I can receive bills again. Woo Hoo?? The verdict is still out on that one, but I digress.

I am still working on the new hours. There are suggestions out there for more evening hours. I am for it, being an evening person anyway that would be great. I am thinking ....... staying open until 8PM on Monday, Thursday and Friday for the rest of the summer. So fellow knitters, join us for a few evenings of knitting camaraderie and classes. Check our class schedule for new and interesting projects and classes.

Have you tried the new Portuguese style of knitting? It is fabulous. You can knit sooooo fast with this method. I ordered the pins, an optional tool for this style of knitting, and the DVD. Can not wait to view it. I learned the technique last week and I have been practicing on everything since.

Speaking of practicing I finally finished the linen eyelet top. Linen is a very interesting fiber to work with, and there are so many colors. Let me know if anyone out there has worked with this fiber before.

Are you ready to dye sock yarn again? Just received the sock weight yarn to dye. We will be planning another dyeing activity, similar to the WWKIP Day event within the next few weekends. Details to follow.

More later CM

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

Someone asked me what I had planned for the holiday. I found myself hoping that I had no social obligations planned. I was hoping that there would be no company and that I was not expected to be company any where else. Yehaaa, I was rewarded. (I must have been a very good girl.) I got to lay around in the sun, go for a short boat ride, read some trash paperback and enjoy my family. It was great. The weather was perfect, the company was entertaining and comfortable and I was hap hap happy about the holiday. Hope yours was enjoyable too, whatever you were wishing the holiday to be, I hope it was.

We are going to new summer hours at the shop. This is the 1st week for the new hours so we are all adjusting, you and I. As usual there are small glitches surrounding these new hours. The most important being the mail. Who'd have thought???? The mail used to be delivered in the morning and now that we are not open in the morning except for Tuesdays and Saturdays, something must be done about the mail. I really need to get on that.

In the mean time, let us know how the new hours are working for you. Do not mail your response please.

Later, cm

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Summer Hours

Good News! I think summer is here at last. After a few false starts it finally feels like summer to me. I look at my flower gardens and wish to be there. I sit in the yard and enjoy the sun, the grass and the summer breeze. I am convinced other people are thinking the same things too. Isn't Michigan grand? In keeping with this optimistic view of the season Ewe To You Yarns will be adjusting the yarn shop hours. Most mornings will be reserved for the outdoor summer activities that are best done in the cooler part of the day. Weed those gardens and mow the lawns. Get right into the summer season...and then bring your knitting or crochet into Ewe To You Yarns and relax with us. Mon, Tues, Fri- open 12:00pm - 6:00pm Tues, Sat- open 10:00am - 6:00pm and Thurs- open 12:00am - 8:00pm. Visit often, knit or crochet frequently and ...tend those gardens in the mornings. Look for a class schedule update soon. Consider Portuguese Knitting or a totally new sock architecture. More on these later, CM

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sock Dyed Yarn

Howdy, Cathy here. I am just checking in to see if you had time to stop by Ewe To You Yarns on Saturday June 14 for wwkip day. The weather was good, the company was great and the dyed socks were fabulous. Everyone used cake dye and made beautiful, colorful yarn. The finished yarn was wound in hanks and arranged in a wagon wheel shape on the table when I got in on Monday. It was quite spectacular. Check out the 'Fun Stuff' slide show and see for yourself.
See if you can see the drying rack that Vic made by hand. It is also a wonderful work of art. I heard he was taking orders for more of them. Very cool. Later, CM

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hey all, this is Cathy again. With all that is going on this year; high gasoline prices, early summer heat and air conditioning, summer storms, and power outages, my thoughts have turned to efficiency. How to get the best efficacy out of a given amount of effort. I would like to be able to push 'the easy button' and have that happen automatically. I would like to wake up each morning and know that my best efforts were productive efforts. I would like things to be better no matter how good I think they are now .... sound too good to be true? Maybe. But we all keep trying and knowing that every little bit helps.
Right now I am using cruise control on the freeways to keep my speed under control. I am keeping a watchful eye on the gas pumps for less expensive gasoline and I am trying to budget my time more efficiently. How and on what should I spend my free time? On a more realistic note, I am only thinking about walking for exercise again...see no one is perfect. hhhhmmmppphhhh, more on this later. Looking forward to dying sock yarn with you on Saturday in front of Ewe To You Yarns for wwkip day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Glad to be HOME!

Oh am I so glad to be home!! I missed all the things we tend to want to "get away from" when we are so excited about going away... the kids, the dog, the hubby,... you get the pic... And, even though we are still at 1/2 power (I thought Cathy was trying to conserve energy... hahaha; she didn't find it funny??? Go figure... ) when I got to the yarn shop today with all the goodies from TNNA, I was still happy to be there. It's so hard to explain the magnitude of the Yarn Market but I'll try.... Imagine Cobo Hall, or The Palace of Auburn Hills... with isles and isles of booths of every kind of fiber, needle or notion you can imagine... that's what this was. Vic and I spent hours walking up and down the isles (like at the grocery store) not wanting to miss a thing. We saw yarns from alpaca to yak and everything in between. Needles from wood to metal to glass. Notions, buttons, purses and knitting bags.... let's just say that I was in my glory... Vic, to my pleasant surprise, had a great time to. I think that he has a new found appreciation for the love of my craft! He is the one that was most impressed with a Designer of Christmas stockings. So much so, that after speaking with her for quite awhile, we decided to set up a trunk show of her stockings for the month of September!!! I brought back with me new knitting bags, some really cool magknits and some new books from Nicky Epstein. Buttons will appear when I get all my luggage unpacked! (I can't find them even though I know I brought them home) The classes were well worth the time and money away from the shop and my family and friends. We are going to have some exciting new changes at the shop. I'm working on the web site now and we are always interested in your input.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Stormy Weekend

Hi, this is Cathy and I am just checking in to find out how you all made it through the rough weather we had over the weekend. There were some amazingly damaging winds. The weather did not last long in Linden, not much rain, but big winds and some big branches down with tree damage.
In Grand Blanc the shop was under 1/2 power for Monday. We were open and ready to serve the knitting community but had extension cords, portable lights in the restroom and no air conditioning. The restaurant next door was closed and the parking lot was empty. It was oh so strange. I heard stories about no power from Gaines to parts of Grand Blanc. We are all hoping the inconvenience can be corrected soon.
On a more optimistic note, we are gearing up for 'fun in the sun' on wwkipday. World Wide Knit in Public day can be shared on the grassy knoll across the parking lot from Ewe To You Yarns in Grand Blanc on Saturday June 14. We will be offering a chance to dye some sock yarn. Join us for a relaxing day of knitting with friends and fellow knitters and sign up to make your own hand dyed socks. We have a limited amount of undyed sock yarn, so sign up soon. We supply the yarn, the dye and a basic sock pattern for $20.00 and you supply the creativity. Happy knitting

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ooo Are you in TROUBLE

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Don't think that just because I am away at TNNA that the CAT is not watching!!!!! Obviously the mouse has decided to play.... and spilled the milk dish.... good thing for her, I didn't have that finished so it will be OK Cathy... all is forgiven! As for TNNA.... all I can say is WOW!! Wait till I get home to show you all. Looking at some great new stuff.... I found FUR yarn and Buffalo!!! Miss you all, can't wait to get home... see you on Tuesday.... Carrie

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Am I in trouble?

Hello to all. This is Cathy, the tall 1/2 of Ewe To You Yarns. I have just been cruising the blog site and inadvertently deleted a project Carrie has been working on. Oh me oh my, I could be in trouble now. I did re-do the information as much as I could, but it wasn't my project so I really didn't know the details. So sorry, so sad. It was an interesting project too, socks made from hand dyed yarn. Fun fun fun. Carrie is off to TNNA and won't be back for a few days so there is a small reprieve for me ...... and I'll take it.
On a better note, we are getting excited about wwkip day. We will be celebrating across the parking lot on the grass..and.. we will be dying yarn to make sox. I am referring you to the recently deleted project Hand Dyed Sox .....poooo. This event is June 14, a Saturday, and starts at 10:30 AM. and goes until 6:00 PM. on a "drop in" basis. Join us to help promote knitting in our community by knitting in public at Ewe To You Yarns in Grand Blanc and sign up to dye some fabulous sock yarn. Ahhh and one last favor, please check back the beginning of next week to see if I survived this latest faux pas. In case this is my last entry, let me say again...soooooo sorry.

Monday, June 2, 2008


After many attempts I think I have finally figured out how to get ravelry to read our blog!!!! (I hope) it says that it will be reading soon so keep your fingers crossed!!!!! Just an FYI this has been a whole new learning experience for me.... I'm a little old school so I'm trying to get up to speed with this techy thing!!! I appreciate all the "good jobs"... they help keep me motivated. (I know it's cheap but, I'm easy like that.) hahah

Getting Ready for TNNA

Only 2 more days before I leave for TNNA.... I'm still knitting on Vic's socks, but I'm leaving them at the shop for those of you who would like to see them... before you sign up for WWKIP day sock dying!! Lord know's I have a multitude of projects that I can take with me!! (I know... don't we all!) A thanks to Johanna for the idea about the store hours for the blog... any others would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The dye-ing of Sock Yarn

With world wide knit in public day coming soon, I thought it would be a good idea to have a "practice" run at the making of sock yarn before the big event!!! With my mother-in-law and her sister (my Aunt-In-Law) along with Alex, Nick, Hannah and Vic, I set out on the journey to make sock yarn.... Let me tell you.... next time I might want to try it when I'm alone....ahahha anyhow... we had lots of fun, made a mess of course and some fabulous yarn! I'll upload the pic's when I get home. I'm on the heel flap now so hopefully they will be done this weekend!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hi, this is Cathy, part of the team at the yarn store, Ewe To You Yarns in Grand Blanc Michigan.
This coming week I am away away away to San Francisco to see my daughter. Fun will abound, sites will be seen and family will be nurtured. In the mean time, Ewe To You Yarns will carry on as ever. Help will be offered, misgivings will be appeased and projects will be completed. Could life be any grander?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Julie... this one's for you... We are working on the blog!!!! Cathy's getting ready for Cali and I'm getting ready for TNNA.... who do you think is getting the better deal????? Have a nice time!!!!