Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hey all, this is Cathy again. With all that is going on this year; high gasoline prices, early summer heat and air conditioning, summer storms, and power outages, my thoughts have turned to efficiency. How to get the best efficacy out of a given amount of effort. I would like to be able to push 'the easy button' and have that happen automatically. I would like to wake up each morning and know that my best efforts were productive efforts. I would like things to be better no matter how good I think they are now .... sound too good to be true? Maybe. But we all keep trying and knowing that every little bit helps.
Right now I am using cruise control on the freeways to keep my speed under control. I am keeping a watchful eye on the gas pumps for less expensive gasoline and I am trying to budget my time more efficiently. How and on what should I spend my free time? On a more realistic note, I am only thinking about walking for exercise again...see no one is perfect. hhhhmmmppphhhh, more on this later. Looking forward to dying sock yarn with you on Saturday in front of Ewe To You Yarns for wwkip day.

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