Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Am I in trouble?

Hello to all. This is Cathy, the tall 1/2 of Ewe To You Yarns. I have just been cruising the blog site and inadvertently deleted a project Carrie has been working on. Oh me oh my, I could be in trouble now. I did re-do the information as much as I could, but it wasn't my project so I really didn't know the details. So sorry, so sad. It was an interesting project too, socks made from hand dyed yarn. Fun fun fun. Carrie is off to TNNA and won't be back for a few days so there is a small reprieve for me ...... and I'll take it.
On a better note, we are getting excited about wwkip day. We will be celebrating across the parking lot on the grass..and.. we will be dying yarn to make sox. I am referring you to the recently deleted project Hand Dyed Sox .....poooo. This event is June 14, a Saturday, and starts at 10:30 AM. and goes until 6:00 PM. on a "drop in" basis. Join us to help promote knitting in our community by knitting in public at Ewe To You Yarns in Grand Blanc and sign up to dye some fabulous sock yarn. Ahhh and one last favor, please check back the beginning of next week to see if I survived this latest faux pas. In case this is my last entry, let me say again...soooooo sorry.

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