Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Glad to be HOME!

Oh am I so glad to be home!! I missed all the things we tend to want to "get away from" when we are so excited about going away... the kids, the dog, the hubby,... you get the pic... And, even though we are still at 1/2 power (I thought Cathy was trying to conserve energy... hahaha; she didn't find it funny??? Go figure... ) when I got to the yarn shop today with all the goodies from TNNA, I was still happy to be there. It's so hard to explain the magnitude of the Yarn Market but I'll try.... Imagine Cobo Hall, or The Palace of Auburn Hills... with isles and isles of booths of every kind of fiber, needle or notion you can imagine... that's what this was. Vic and I spent hours walking up and down the isles (like at the grocery store) not wanting to miss a thing. We saw yarns from alpaca to yak and everything in between. Needles from wood to metal to glass. Notions, buttons, purses and knitting bags.... let's just say that I was in my glory... Vic, to my pleasant surprise, had a great time to. I think that he has a new found appreciation for the love of my craft! He is the one that was most impressed with a Designer of Christmas stockings. So much so, that after speaking with her for quite awhile, we decided to set up a trunk show of her stockings for the month of September!!! I brought back with me new knitting bags, some really cool magknits and some new books from Nicky Epstein. Buttons will appear when I get all my luggage unpacked! (I can't find them even though I know I brought them home) The classes were well worth the time and money away from the shop and my family and friends. We are going to have some exciting new changes at the shop. I'm working on the web site now and we are always interested in your input.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the comment glitch is fixed....Sounds like you had a great time, Carrie! Can't wait to see the new stuff at the shop!