Monday, April 13, 2009

Whats Going On

Hey Ladies,

Jess here. Just popping in to let you guys know whats going on around the store. Since we were missing a lot of our new books for the Easter Sale because we hadn't gotten them in yet, until this morning (hooray!) we have decided to extend the 20% off all books until the end of this week. So for all you guys who missed out on the sale, now is your chance to at least get in on the book action, which is better then no action if I do say so myself.

And for all you sock lovers out there, along with the book order, came 5 copies of Cookie A's new sock book, Sock Innovation (a wicked super hooray!!!). So get over here and get your copy for 20% off!! We also got in more Finishing Techniques and Knitters Handbook for anyone who has been waiting for them to arrive.

Sock Club: If your thinking of joining, you need to do it very soon. The first packages will be going out shortly. We have gotten our specially dyed yarn and our goodies, so dont wait any longer or you'll miss out on all the fun.

New Open Sock Class: We've started doing a new open 6 week sock class where you buy your seat for $80 (mind you its a 6 week class instead of 3 thats why the price is more) and you basically do any sock project (or projects) you want for 6 weeks. I hang out and help you out with whatever you need my help with. We thought this would be a great idea for those groups of people who really want to stick together but just aren't at the same point as everyone else, or want to do something different. So we decided to just have an open 6 week class where everyone can choose whatever sock project they want. Class starts this Wednesday from 4-6p for the next 6 weeks and it appears I have 2 seats left in it as of right now. So hurry and grab your seat if your interested. I will also set up time slots for other groups who want to stay together and do some other projects other then socks. This "Open" class is a new thing and can apply to anything.

We also just got in a whole bunch of new Eco friendly, organic cottons. So if thats your flavor, come check it out. They are quite nice and we have some good colors.

And an update on The Knit Kit. They were backoredered and have finally gotten their second batch in and our order should of gone out Thursday, along with Rowans Kidsilk Haze lace yarn. So look forward to those goodies as well.

Friday, April 10, 2009

February Lady Sweater

Saturday is the last day of the Easter Sale at Ewe to You Yarns in Grand Blanc. All books, all patterns, most Noro brand yarns, eco cottons and more are still on sale. Stock up for the summer. Hunt for a hidden egg and check for extra sale coupons inside it. Hope to see you there.

On a more topical note, I got in touch with and have heard back from Pamela Wynne. As you all know, she is the author of the revised February Sweater for women that has been so hot lately. She has graciously suggested the guidelines she would like to be followed when we use her pattern in a class. They are more than fair and very reasonable. Thank you Pamela.

You can find her pattern on Ravelry and on her website . It is a great pattern and a great teaching aid..and makes a great sweater. Thanks again Pamela.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring-snow sale at Ewe to You Yarns

Happy Knitting one and all,
A sale, a sale, a sale. Look for hidden Easter Eggs....not very hidden of course....and receive extra discounts , free accessories or an Easter taste treat inside the egg. One egg per sale.

This new snow does not make you think Easter does it? Never fear, we are a yarn store and we have wool, Noro, Sublime Angora Merino, felting wool, Malabrigo and Dream in Color. All these and more will be on sale Wednesday April 8th through Saturday April 11th from noon to 6pm. Most classes will be suspended for the sale. Check with us to make sure.

Must go. Have to scrape the snow off my car before work. This is sooooo not spring!

ewe to you yarns