Friday, July 11, 2008

Aha, I have worked out the mail problem. Everything is cool. Now I can receive bills again. Woo Hoo?? The verdict is still out on that one, but I digress.

I am still working on the new hours. There are suggestions out there for more evening hours. I am for it, being an evening person anyway that would be great. I am thinking ....... staying open until 8PM on Monday, Thursday and Friday for the rest of the summer. So fellow knitters, join us for a few evenings of knitting camaraderie and classes. Check our class schedule for new and interesting projects and classes.

Have you tried the new Portuguese style of knitting? It is fabulous. You can knit sooooo fast with this method. I ordered the pins, an optional tool for this style of knitting, and the DVD. Can not wait to view it. I learned the technique last week and I have been practicing on everything since.

Speaking of practicing I finally finished the linen eyelet top. Linen is a very interesting fiber to work with, and there are so many colors. Let me know if anyone out there has worked with this fiber before.

Are you ready to dye sock yarn again? Just received the sock weight yarn to dye. We will be planning another dyeing activity, similar to the WWKIP Day event within the next few weekends. Details to follow.

More later CM

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Anonymous said...

I would love the new hours - 6 to 8 pm is the best time for me when I am working. I would love to dye some more sock yarn too!!!